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You can call us or come see us at any of our 3 current locations:


 Dadeland Mall                            Aventura Mall

      7535 Dadeland           19501 Biscayne Blvd.

        Miami, Fl 33156          Aventura, Fl 33180

     (305) 669-8844            (305) 466-3330


Bayside Market Place

401 Biscayne Blvd., P-117

Miami, Fl 33132

Tel/Fax: (305) 358-6990


Wholesale call: (305) 984-3351


You can E-mail us at:


Or speak with:


Kerim Saatci (305) 984-3351

Susan Saatci (305) 984-3352



Most of the people, even who refuses superstitious beliefs, carries amulets or charms on them to bring them good luck. They decorate their houses, horses, boats to get good luck and to avoid troubles.

Belief to protectors power is widespread around the world and millions of people does not start a new day without having their amulets or charms on.

Eye idols which are made versus the eye are very popular in different culture for many centuries.

The most popular idol in Turkey is "Blue Eye" and it is called "Evil Eye". This idol is used on jeweleries, used as key-holders and it is hung in houses, cars, and boats.

On an evil eye, there should be two things; at least one eye and blue colour.

It is believed that having an evil eye protects people from bad things.

On our items, we combined different symbols which are from old Anatolian culture, universal and protectable motifs.

Our items are shaped in different methods using the mixture of materials PVA glue, flavour, calcide, and colour pigments with a protective varnish on.They are decorated with natural materials later. It is important that all of our items are made by hand carefully.

We wish our "Evil Eyes" give you and your family good luck and protects from bad things.


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