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Lucky Eyes Inc. - Lucky Eyes Elegant Jewelry
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Lucky Eyes Inc. - Lucky Eyes Elegant Jewelry
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Lucky Eyes Inc. - Lucky Eyes Elegant Jewelry
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The earliest written references to the Evil Eye date back to the 3rd millennium B.C.

Eyes have been worn, in one form or another, in most all civilization s to protect from harm transmitted by one who is envious.

Many believe that a glance or stare from an Evil Eye can effect not only yourself but your family, finances and well being.

Evil Eye is best defined as one who looks upon another with envy and removes the blessings from that person without gaining any benefit for themselves.

This is what is considered sheer malice. Usually the person giving the look does not even realize what they are doing. Most common is the belief that the Evil Eye can cause things to wither away or dry up.

This thousands of year old Talisman continues to fight against Evil Eye all over the world.

It is also known in most languages.

English : Evil Eye or Evil Look
Turkish : Nazar
Hebrew : Ayin Harac
Spanish : Mal de ojo
Portuguese : Olho gordo
Sicilian : Jettatura
German : Bőse Blick
Arabic : Ayin Hasad
Hungarian : Szemmel Verēs
Irish : Drach - Shuil
Greek : Matiasma or mati
Armenian : Pasternak
Polish : Oko Proroka
French : Mouvois Oeil
Sterling Silver Clown
Sterling Silver Clown

Sterling silver lucky eyes clown (comes in...

Lucky Eyes Inc - Lucky Eyes Elegant Jewelries
Lucky Eyes Inc - Lucky Eyes Elegant Jewelries

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