Our Story

Lucky Eyes was founded in 2001. We are a family owned Business based in Florida.  We have locations in Aventura Mall and Bayside Market Place in Miami, Florida, as well as an online store. We were one of the first companies to import the Evil Eye concept to the United States. Our mission has always been to  spread positive energy and good luck through our unique jewelry, which have been custom made using precious metals and stones and our hand made products for Home and Business.   Everyone in life needs a little help along the way, we are so happy that we have created a concept that promotes spirituality, positivity and most of all protection against evil negative energy and brings good luck to all. Our concept is to be inspired and have confidence wearing our beautiful pieces that allows you to express your inner self and spirituality through the jewelry that you wear and create a life with more meaning, blessings and protection for you and your family 

 The Evil Eye Meaning And How To Protect Yourself.

The Evil Eye dates back to ancient civilizations and has been used throughout centuries to ward off malicious intent.  In many cultures throughout the world it is known as a powerful symbol to deflect negativity in your life and protect against unintentional, intentional glares from another person who is jealous, someone who wishes you bad luck and misfortune.   If you receive an evil eye from someone you can have headaches, sickness and bad luck in business and personal life. Children and babies are susceptible to receiving the evil eye so it is extremely important to protect them  by placing a red eye on their crib, car seat and stroller.  Always protect yourself by wearing a piece of jewelry on a daily basis.  Protect your home and business by placing a Lucky Eye in the entrance of your home and business.